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Life Insurance Corporation of India Encouraging Individual To Join LIC of India As An Insurance Advisor on Part Time or Full Time Basis.

Permanent Extra Income

If the extra income is (The Commission % = 1st Year - *35% , 2nd & 3rd Year - *7.5% , 4th Year Onwards- *5%)

We are Life Insurance Agent

We Write our Salary Cheques Ourself. As great the efforts.
"Greater the Earnings"

Hereditary Income

As years pass By the Renewal Commission Starts building up Assure you a pension for the 20 to 25 years & the beauty of it is hereditary Income. "We INSURE & Also ASSURE"

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Life Insurance Corporation of India Encouraging Individual To Join LIC of India As An Insurance Advisor on Part Time or Full Time Basis. We Help Candidate Who Has Just Pass 12th Class Exam And Try To Earn Money For Higher Study, A Businessman To Earn More Income and To A Housewife To Earn Money By Working In Free Time And An Individual Who Working In Private Sector And Want To Earn Enough Money To Support Their Family. As An Insurance Advisor Has To Offer Their Clients Comprehensive Financial Planning Services, Such As Life Cover To Individual, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, or Assistance In Setting up Pension Plans And By This Earn Commission.

Career as a LIC Agent

"A Golden Opportunity is waiting for you"

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Market Potential

It is one of the least Insured Market in the world. The brand image of LIC of India is huge, people in India identifies life Insurance as LIC only. Thus selling life Insurance policies for LIC of India is much easier.


Agents are entitled to get the gratuity at age 60/65 years after serving for minimum 15 years. At present the Maximum Gratuity amount payable is : 2,00,000/- depending up on the amount of renewal commission paid during last 15 years before age 60.

Wide Range of Products

We have different products catering to the differing needs of all segments of the society. These are basic insurance plans (whole life, endowment and money back), Term Assurance Plans, Unit linked plans, Pension Plans, Health plan, Variable Insurance Products etc.

Who can Join?


Minimum Educational Qualification +2 (12th) Pass and Minimum Age 18 Years (No Upper Age Limit).

Benefits of LIC

While working with LIC as Agent you also got a lot of Benefits

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Why LIC ?

Life Insurance Corporation

Had I not chosen to help the leprosy affected people, I would have opted to become a LIC Agent. It is the mother of all services.

Mother Teresa

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